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Kai X Gucci : Yes, we are excited about the latest collection.

Kai X Gucci : Yes, we are excited about the latest collection.


Fans of Kpop! We have good news for you. Sensational Korean Pop Icon Kai, of Exo gets his very own collection called “KaiXGucci” designed exclusively by Alessandro Michele.

Kai has been associated with the Italian Luxury Fashion House for a couple of years now. Making him the excellent candidate for the collaboration. The idol’s dance moves are lauded by the international k-pop community.

His love for “teddy bear” is no secret. Lately,  Gucci has been teasing the audience with bear balloons,  appearing in various location at Seoul.

Pop Artist Jibin Im , known as an expert in sculpture and art installation. Took in charge of installation the balloons as a mark to celebrate the KaiXGucci Collection.

Gucci made a promotional video on the collection featuring Kai and his playfulness attitude with his teddy bears.


International fans have to wait for the international release dates. Check the Gucci Doraemon Collection Here.

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