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Renown Fashion Designer Alber Elbaz Dies Of Covid-19, Fashion Community Mourns

Renown Fashion Designer Alber Elbaz Dies Of Covid-19, Fashion Community Mourns


The fashion community suffered a major blow on the untimely demise of  Alber Elbaz, an Israeli fashion designer. Elbaz was known for his stint creative-director at Lanvin. As per medical reports, Alber succumbed to Covid-19, and he left for heavenly abode age 59.

When the news broke out, the entire fashion community express their grief and sorrow over the loss of an individual— talented, hard-working and a visionary.

He designed the entire costume in which Natalie Portman wore for the film , “A Tale Of Love and Darkness“.

Alber had many high profile projects under his belt.  He worked with various fashion house such as Guy Laroche,  Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Acne House, Tods, Converse and LeSportsac.

In a statement made by Dior’s Kim Jones, Artistic Director of the Men’s collections paid tribute to him, saying:

“I am extremely saddened to learn of the death of a cosmopolitan designer of immense generosity and talent, who reinvented the codes of French elegance with passionate curiosity and open-mindedness.”

Maria Grazia Chiuri, creative director of Dior’s made a statement, saying:

“Heartbroken by the news of the passing of my dear friend Alber.I will never forget how generous, talented, loving he was. He was the first person who made me feel at home in the fashion industry. His favourite word was love and it’s with this word I will always remember him.

Imran Amed, CEO and founder of business of fashion @bof made a heartfelt statement, saying:

Oh dear Alber, I’ve been trying to think of what to say and how to encapsulate what a special human being you were. How much joy you brought into our industry with your boundless creativity. I loved how you pushed us all to be more creative, be more spontaneous and not take ourselves too seriously. Most recently, you showed us we can bring creativity into every facet of fashion, including our business model. I was so excited to see AZ Factory come to life after you had worked so hard with your precious team on making it happen. And make it happen you did! It was one of the most exciting moments for fashion during the pandemic, and now Covid has snatched that dream away from you — and all of us.

Here are a few of my favourite memories with you, including your unforgettable talk at VOICES 2018 when you so honestly shared your feelings about the state of fashion. I’ll never forget that moment and the feeling of pure joy you brought into the room that day. You even managed to get everyone to dance on stage to Aretha Franklin’s R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

I will miss you dear sweet, self-deprecating, sentimental, Alber.

Marc Jacobs, founder of Marc Jacobs and long time friend of Alber Elbaz made a statement, saying:

Rest In Peace dear Alber.

This terrible news. So tragic. You were always good to me, and, I have always admired you for your kindness, your vision, your creativity and extraordinary talent.

We spoke and what’s app’d only recently and the announcements of your death come as a true shock.

Rest In Peace dear Alber.

Famous Alber Elbaz Quotes You Need To Know

  1. When I design, a collection, I was always start by dreaming a story.
  2. Pure, intense emotions. It’s not about design. It’s about feelings.
  3. All I want to do is make people beautiful.
  4. When a women’s clothes are in harmony with her emotions, she shines from within.
  5. To be a fashion critic is easy because you just say, ‘I love it, I hate it,’ but life is more than hate and love. 
  6. I like having the freedom to dress as I desire.
  7. What I love in fashion is to tell a story through creation.
  8.  You know, it’s not about screaming, it’s about whispering. When you scream everybody hears, but not everybody listens. When you whisper may be not many people can hear you, but it goes deeper.   
  9. We are comfortable with formulas, but the best happens when the formula doesn’t work.
  10. I like first class, but I don’t like first class people– I like the people in coach. I like fine restaurants, but I prefer the taste of McDonalds. I like to be perfect, but I don’t like perfection – I think it’s dangerous. There is nothing after perfection. I know, I am a walking contradiction.
  11.  I know amazing people in fashion. They are anything but fake. They are very real and very sensitive. They are happy and sad. They are loyal friends.
  12.  Why not touch things that we hate and turn them upside down and inside out?

Dear Alber Elbaz ,You will be deeply missed. Rest In Peace Friend!!

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