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What are the Japanese Fashion Trends?

What are the Japanese Fashion Trends?

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Without any question— Japan has been in the top of the fashion destination for decades now. Tokyo the world’s most populous city also known for its fashion culture and home to flagship stores.

In the past the world was unaware of the Japanese fashion brands. As its technology and innovation took the limelight. Now the global fashion community adores the  Japanese  fashion trends and brands.

The Japanese youth and young adults are more inclined towards the streetwear and its derivatives. Of course, streetwear has evolved over the past, but the Japanese Street Style is one of its kind.

Graphic Tees and Jackets, Hats, Limited Edition Sneakers, Shoes, Accessories and Hairstyle are some unique features of the country’s street style.

Overall the Asian Fashion community is unique in its own way. You have the Korean Street Fashion and then the Chinese Street Fashion.

Japan is probably home to the heavy weights of the global fashion community. Brands such as Comme De Gracons,  Bape, Sacai etc and much more.  You can check this article by Highsnobiety.

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© Xuesong Liao (廖雪松) for Flickr

How to follow the latest trend from this part of the globe? Simply follow the latest collection drop of Japanese street fashion big brands and look out for few influencers on Instagram. Nevertheless, we give a glimpse of few trending looks.

The Minimal Japanese Look :


The Hypebeast Look :

The Relaxed Look :

We hope that the article was useful. If you have any suggestion, leave on the  comments below.

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