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What Happened to John Cena? Why Did He Apologize to China?

What Happened to John Cena? Why Did He Apologize to China?


John Cena made headlines today when he called Taiwan a country. As he was promoting his latest movie Fast and Furious 9 popularly known as F9. In an interview with TVBS he told the reporter in Mandarin that,” Taiwan is the first country that you can watch the film”.

Beijing  considers Taiwan, a self governed Island,  as a part of the greater China. However, Taiwan considers itself to be independent, free from any political and governing influences from the capital.

Mr. Cena has was informed by the team about his comment on such sensitive  issues such as territory and sovereignty. He took out to Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Facebook, to issue an apology.

In the apology video Mr. Cena says I made a mistake. He further adds, I love and respect China and the Chinese people. I’m sorry, I’m  sorry, I sincerely apologize.

However, the international community gave a mix response. Some calling him he didn’t have to apologize. While others applauded for his integrity.

What is a right call? Share your thoughts!

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